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Agrijam Organics -  Trelawny, Jamaica

Basil is easy to grow as it easily adapts to different soil types and water conditions.

Soil Type

Basil thrives when using good quality soil with rich organic matter. You can also purchase potting soil mix. The soil will remain moist and soft by using a high quality potting soil, which will ensure proper root growth. As always, the soil needs to be weed free before planting. Fertilizer can be added once a month or you can use potting soil with a time released fertilizer to encourage healthy growth.

Growing Location

Basil can be grown directly in the ground or in a pot. For Pots, ensure that there is adequate drainage at the bottom of the pot. Lining the bottom of the pot with coarse gravel or small rocks will ensure adequate drainage and allow the roots to grow freely. If growing outside directly in the ground, ensure the soil is weed free and moist before planting.